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Kirsty Burdis

Kirsty Burdis

KBY - Yoga Instructor

I was introduced to yoga at age 16. At that time, I didn’t fully understand what it was or how it would change my life.

Following a tragic accident in the family, I was advised to try yoga as a form of therapy to process and manage the heart break I was feeling. The hour I spent on the mat allowed me to focus on my body, separating myself from all the thoughts going on inside my head. I was able to enter the local village hall with the world on my shoulders and leave feeling lighter – it felt amazing.

I reconnected in my late 20s when my husband deployed to Afghanistan. Once again, I found myself a little lost and unsure how to process the thoughts in my head. I turned to yoga. Throwing myself into my practice I was able to come away from every class feeling physically energised, upbeat and mentally calmer, happier and more centred. I could take on and do anything!

As I continued with my practice, I noticed my body getting stronger and more toned. My mobility and flexibility improved, and I was able to move deeper into postures. It was then I realised that, as well as providing mental benefits, yoga was also a great alternative form of exercise. I was completely hooked and my love for yoga has grown immeasurably since!

Having studied yoga in both the UK and India, I hope to inspire others to share my passion, helping students connect to their bodies with breath and walk away feeling energised and refreshed. Constantly seeking new inspiration, I aim to bring a fresh and positive energy to all of my classes, infusing playful flowing sequences with functional alignment and a healthy dose of humour. My classes are drawn from my experience in creative Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Rocket yoga.

 Kirsty Burdis Yoga

Yoga with Love

Nadine Monks

Nadine Monks

Forces Family Finance - Director

Forces Family Finance is a team of experienced and qualified financial advisers who are all part of the Armed forces community. We combine our extensive experience with the financial sector with our inherent understanding of military life. Our services have been tailored and are dedicated to supporting our Armed forces, veterans and their families.

Suzanne Wigmore

Suzanne Wigmore

Massage Therapist

As a keen rower when I was younger, I really benefitted from regular deep tissue massage.  Having such a positive experience, I was inspired to move into massage therapy and support others with similar issues.  I work as a mobile massage therapist in the Shrivenham area, helping people on the patch, from pregnant ladies to athletes in training and everyone in between.  Having settled in the area I am now building a more local client base as well, which is a great way to meet people in the area and feel part of the community.

Susannah Money-Schenk

Susannah Money-Schenk

Human and Equine Osteopath

Throughout my childhood I had always wanted to be a vet. I loved, and still do love, animals with a passion especially horses. All I thought I wanted to do was to pursue a career that would allow me to help them. 
How wrong I was! My passion is still horses – they will always be my first love, but after being talked into a career as an Osteopath I have realised just how much I love helping people. 
As an Osteopath for both horses and people, I use my hands to provide relief from pain through soft tissue work and joint manipulation as well using acupuncture, kinesiology tape and corrective exercise. It has lead me to qualify as a CrossFit coach, a pre and post natal coach as well lecturing for RockTape UK Equine. 
I LOVE what I do. I get to help loads of wonderful people from 80 year olds with arthritic pain, new mums wanting to get back into shape, athletes with sports injuries and even horse owners just wanting the best for their fur babies – not to mention the horses themselves! 
Nothing makes me happier than receiving a text thanking me for a pain free day, a boost in confidence or an improved dressage score. 
Living with my REME husband, James, our two dogs, two cats and three guinea pigs I cover most of Suffolk and Essex for horses and home visits, have two private practices and can truly say that I love Mondays! 

The whole weekend was organised well, and run by very experienced military wives in their field. I enjoyed everything that was on offer. It was a great mix of business learning, social fun and self care. I will definitely do it again and thoroughly recommend it. It was great to meet such a wonderful group of like minded women!

Sept' 19 retreat attendee

Listening to all the ideas and passion was inspirational. What a powerful, driven and compassionate group of ladies.

Helen Atkinson

Globally Wise